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The Hollies Pre-school, formerly Hollies Playgroup, was opened in September 1976 by a group of Poynton mums, who happened to be teachers, when they could not find a playgroup in Poynton where they felt their children would develop within an ordered group during the very important pre-school years.

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A safe and happy environment where children can play & learn under the guidance & supervision of our dedicated & caring staff

St James Primary School & Orphan Care - Uganda

Our special links with a school in Africa enable our children to learn about a very different culture and share 'hands of friendship'.

Holiday Clubs

Activities on offer may include nature walks, craft, baking, games, music, construction, sport, quizzes, treasure hunts and face painting!

A Dentist Visit

Looking after teeth.

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General Information


Prevention of illness and the spread of disease is of primary importance at the Hollies and all staff and children are taught the importance of hand washing, especially after toileting and before food is handled.

The children must not be sent to pre-school with any infectious disease, including diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, chickenpox, measles, mumps, meningitis, hepatitis, head lice, scabies etc. The exclusion period for a child with sickness is 48 hours. On other occasions the exclusion of a child will be at the discretion of the Supervisor in charge.

If a child becomes ill whilst at pre-school, they will be kept comfortable with an adult in constant attendance until their parent-carer/ arrives.

If a child has a medical condition such as asthma, the medicine can only be administered by the Supervisor with written consent and instruction from the parent.

A First Aid box is kept on the premises and any incidents are recorded in the First Aid book and then reported to parents.

In the event of an accident requiring more than First Aid, and if the parents cannot be contacted, the supervisor will accompany a child to the surgery or to hospital until the parents or a relative arrives.


The staff do not, under any circumstances, use any physical punishment or practices that humiliate or frighten children. Any modification of unacceptable behaviour will be by using positive techniques – we praise more than we criticise. A copy of our behaviour policy is available from Hollies.


Please could all clothing likely to be removed at pre-school be clearly labelled with your children’s names, e.g. coats, wellingtons and especially ‘Hollies’ sweatshirts and t-shirts. The latter are available in a variety of colours and sizes to order directly from pre-school and woven name tapes can also be ordered through pre-school.

Please dress your child in comfortable clothes. Old clothes are best as many messy activities take place, e.g. painting and gluing. We do use aprons to protect their clothes but inevitably some splashes do occur! Please send a waterproof coat in each day your child attends – we do allow the children access to the outdoor area, regardless of the weather.

We try to encourage the children’s independence at pre-school, so being able to cope with their own clothes when going to the toilet is very important – dungarees and jeans with stiff buttons and zips are not very easy for small children to cope with. Ideally, tracksuits and leggings with elasticated waistbands are really the best for warmth and independence.

If your child is not toilet trained when he/she is due to start pre-school, do not worry we are quite happy for them to wear a nappy or pull ups and to change them when required. Please bring spare nappies / pull ups when dropping them off in the morning. When you feel your child is ready to progress onto the next stage we will work with you, helping in any way we can.


When delivering and collecting your children, we ask you to always ensure that the gate and the door of the pre-school are fastened behind you. During the session, both the gate and the door are kept secured for your children’s safety. The code for the padlock is confidential to members of staff. If you need to enter or leave the premises when the gates are locked a member of staff will open the gate. There is a bell be the entrance to ring if needed.

At the end of the session, the children are all taught to sit and wait inside until their parent/carer comes over to them to collect them. A member of staff stands at the exit door to ensure that no child leaves without the correct adult.

All the children’s details are kept in a register, which is filled in when each child arrives, so we are aware of how many people are present in the building all the time.

Please do not allow your children to wear any jewellery as it can get caught on other children or on the equipment and cause a nasty accident.

Full policies, endorsed by Cheshire County Council Social Services Department, regarding safety of the building and equipment are available for you to read on the premises.

Our priority is one of safety and we take all possible precautions to ensure the children are not put at risk in any way whilst at Hollies Pre-school.

External Links

The local Infant Schools take an interest in our activities, sending reception class teachers to meet our children.  We are also involved with some of the 4th and 5th year High School students who come to do community work.  These visits are of great benefit to both parties.


Please do read the notices on both the door and the notice board. We use these to inform you of all forthcoming events and requests. You will also find details of committee meetings, which all parents are welcome to attend.

The committee takes on the responsibility for the business side of the pre-school. The fees you pay only cover the staff wages and overheads such as electricity, water and the up-keep of the building. The committee hold fund-raising events such as the Christmas Fair to help to replace toys, books, games and equipment. Please support as many events as you can, so we can all help to give the children the very best!

We are always happy to talk to you and discuss any questions you may have. We are very proud of the reputation of our pre-school and strive hard to maintain it. If you would like to come and spend a morning with us we would be very pleased to see you!


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