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Activities and Weekly Topics

About The Hollies Pre-school

The Hollies Pre-school, formerly Hollies Playgroup, was opened in September 1976 by a group of Poynton mums, who happened to be teachers, when they could not find a playgroup in Poynton where they felt their children would develop within an ordered group during the very important pre-school years.

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A safe and happy environment where children can play & learn under the guidance & supervision of our dedicated & caring staff

St James Primary School & Orphan Care - Uganda

Our special links with a school in Africa enable our children to learn about a very different culture and share 'hands of friendship'.

Holiday Clubs

Activities on offer may include nature walks, craft, baking, games, music, construction, sport, quizzes, treasure hunts and face painting!

A Dentist Visit

Looking after teeth.

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Activities and Weekly Topics

Hollies Pre-School term dates April 2017 – July 2018

Monday 4th September – Friday 20th October
Monday 30th October – Friday 22nd December
Monday 8th January – Friday 16th February
Monday 26th February – Thursday 29th March
Monday 16th April – Friday 25th May
Monday 11th June – Friday 27th July

Weekly topics Autumn term 2017 - you can download the following as a PDF to print here.

Each week we will be looking at a shape and a colour; we will be learning the colours at home by looking for objects using the colour of the week, we can share our treasures using our chatter bags and talk about them during show and tell at circle time. You do not need to fill the bag; one object is fine. We will also have a tray reinforcing the colour and shape of the week for the children to look at. Please encourage your child to go on a treasure hunt in and around your home to discover items that relate to the colour and shape of the week.

In addition to this, the children will bring home a different reading book for you to share with them and a nursery rhyme book. It would be appreciated if you could use these resources to reinforce your child’s experiences of pre-school at home; there will also be a diary if you wish to record any adventures for your child’s key person to build a closer relationship with your child.

The children will be progressing through the areas of learning by accessing a well-planned curriculum based on their play, interests, and experiences. Staff will continue to support and respond to their needs with adult led and child initiated spontaneous play.

Below is a list of planned activities for the term, but these are subject to change should the children’s interests take us along a different route.

For the first half term, the theme will be farmyard. There will be lots of activities each day that will be created to support this theme, however, the weeks listed will only highlight the craft that will support the children’s learning and any additional trips or visits. The theme will run through the pre-school to support all areas of the EYFS.

Week beginning

4th September - Tractor Trails. Colour blue, number 1, circle.
This week the children will be using different tyre tracks to roll through paint to create a new effect. These pictures will be displayed in our home corner. We will be using the big rollers outside to mark make on the floor.

11th September - Pigs in Mud. Colour brown, number 2, square.
This week the children will be mixing gloop with chocolate powder to create a gloopy mud for our messy pigs to play in outside. We will be making ‘pig in mud’ cupcakes to take home. We will be measuring the ingredients together and decorating the cakes with chocolate topping – yummy!

18th September – Woolly Sheep. Colour black, number 3, oval.
This week the children will be creating their own sheep, inside we will be designing sheep using cotton wool; these will be displayed in our home corner.

Outside the children will be using their creative skills decorating crates to make big sheep to sit on!

25th September – Vegetable Madness. Colour green, number 4, trapezium.
What vegetables are grown in the farmers field? We will be looking at vegetables outside and creating Mr Potato heads. Inside we will be getting creative using vegetables to print with, I wonder what shapes we will see?

Harvest Festival.
We will also be celebrating harvest festival this week, we will be learning about harvesting crops and sharing them with the community, we will be visiting the church to share our donated foods with the community; dates will be confirmed closer to the time.

2nd October – Amazing Animals. Colour grey, number 5, rectangle.
Who wants to be an animal? This week we will be making animal masks using lots of different colours and fabrics, I wonder what colour a sheep is? What shall we use to make a sheep, cotton wool or feathers? Outside we will be creating our own farm yard using the big blocks, and a smaller one using the tuff spot.

9th October – Milk Mayhem. Colour white, number 6, diamond or rhombus.
Moooo’ said the cow, who wants to ‘milk’ a cow? We will be pretending to milk our own ‘hollies cow’ ready for snack time. Inside we will be tasting milk smoothies, I wonder what colour they will be?

16th October – Colours and Shapes. Colour purple, number 7, pentagon.
Can you find the matching colour? We will play hook a duck outside to find the coordinating colour to our sheets.

Inside we will be re-creating five little duck’s nursery rhyme by size ordering our ducks, the children’s work will be displayed in the home corner.

Holiday Club 23rd October – 27th October
If you would like to book into holiday club please email Rachel

The second half of the term we will be looking at different festivals. The children will be learning through their play as we recreate festivals throughout the following weeks.

30th October – Bonfire Week. Colour orange, number 8, triangle.
This week the children will be learning about fire safety, we will be inviting the Fire Service into the hollies to talk about staying safe. We will be making firework pictures inside and using our imagination for ‘bonfire night’ outside.

6th November - Remembrance Day. Colour red, number 9, hexagon.
This week we will be learning about our history and remembering all those who sacrificed their lives for others. We will be making poppies and inviting in volunteers or army personnel to visit the hollies; this will be a light hearted and child friendly activity. We will be doing an ‘army’ obstacle course outside and making poppies inside.

13th November – Children in Need. Colour yellow, number 10, octagon.
This week we will be asking for the children to wear yellow, this can be socks, t-shirt or even a hair bobble! We will be making special treats each day for parents and grandparents to purchase to raise money for children in need. We will also be displaying the crafts children have made in and around the pre-school.

20th November – Stir up Sunday. Colour pink, number 11, cuboid.
To celebrate the last Sunday of the church week, ‘Stir up Sunday’ is a traditional day for all the members of the family to take turns stirring the Christmas cake. This week the hollies family will be making Christmas cake together.

27th November - Christmas tree for the wall inside. Colour gold, number 12, cone or pyramid.
The children will be using their artistic talents to make a tree and decorate it in our ‘Santa’s grotto’ with lots of glitter and sparkle. There will also be a Christmas tree outside for the children to decorate.

4th December - Christmas cards. Colour sliver, number 13, cube.
This week the children will be decorating Christmas cards, we will be walking to the post office to post them to someone special. In addition to this we will be designing our own cards for parents to purchase from an outside agency, there will be a letter closer to the time to explain how to order your child’s design.

11th December – Christmas play. Colour bronze, number 14, cylinder.
The children have worked hard to learn the songs and actions for the hollies traditional nativity play, we appreciate your support helping your children to learn their songs for the play.

In addition to the nativity, parents and grandparents are invited to enjoy a Christmas lunch with their child at Lower Park’s dinner hall; all dates will be issued later in the year.

18th December – Christmas party. Colour crimson, number 15, sphere.
We will be celebrating the end of the term with our Christmas party, there will be a light snack and traditional party games over two days; dates to follow.

We would like to thank you for your continuous support with your child’s development and learning.

Please remember to label your child’s clothing – hollies tops, coats etc. and any toys they bring from home. If you wish to purchase name labels, please speak to Rachel who will be happy to supply you with an order form. Please bring your child’s waterproof coat into pre-school, whatever the weather, as it is so unpredictable.

Please remember to close the gate when entering and leaving the premises. We look forward to an exciting Autumn term.


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