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About The Hollies Pre-school

The Hollies Pre-school, formerly Hollies Playgroup, was opened in September 1976 by a group of Poynton mums, who happened to be teachers, when they could not find a playgroup in Poynton where they felt their children would develop within an ordered group during the very important pre-school years.

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A safe and happy environment where children can play & learn under the guidance & supervision of our dedicated & caring staff

St James Primary School & Orphan Care - Uganda

Our special links with a school in Africa enable our children to learn about a very different culture and share 'hands of friendship'.

Holiday Clubs

Activities on offer may include nature walks, craft, baking, games, music, construction, sport, quizzes, treasure hunts and face painting!

A Dentist Visit

Looking after teeth.

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Activities and Weekly Topics

Hollies Pre-School Summer term dates April 2019 – July 2019

23rd April –24th May
10th June – 26th July

Weekly topics Summer term 2019 - you can download the following as a PDF to print here.

The children will be progressing through the areas of learning by accessing a well-planned curriculum based on their play, interests, and experiences. Our theme for this term will be British Sporting Events. We will be exploring the curriculum through the environment around us, testing out our ideas through trial and error. This will allow the children to extend their knowledge and understanding of not just our imagination but using our bodies to explore all different media and sensory exploration. Staff will continue to support and respond to the children’s needs with a balance of adult led and child initiated spontaneous play.

Below is a list of planned activities for the term, but these are subject to change should the children’s interests take us along a different route.

There may also be some extra activities or trips during the term, we will keep you updated with any additions. We are going to be using Makaton in Pre-school. Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols designed to support children and adults to communicate. Lisa Hand is our Makaton contact point at pre-school. Please use the link below to access the Makaton website to find out more.

Week beginning

23rd April

Water workshop Wednesday 24th April
To celebrate the Grand National, we will be holding our own horse races, to help us get into character of a jockey we need our own head wear or t shirts. For this we will need donations of a light-coloured hat or a white t shirt so we can decorate with our own colours and patterns.
EYFS Link: Uses available resources to create props to support role-play.

29th April
Thursday 2nd May Dentist workshop
This week we will be using all our skills to jump whilst on ‘horseback’. We will be using lots of different resources to create an obstacle course with jumps and turns, this will encourage us to follow direction.
EYFS Link: Moves freely with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways.

Monday 6 May – Bank Holiday

7th May
Cricket world cup

Flags of the world, we will be looking at lots of different patterns and colours, talking about countries and making our own flags to pin up around the world.
EYFS Link: Sometimes gives meaning to marks as they draw and paint.

13th May
A week of cricket, we will be practicing our skills through batting, taking turns and negotiating space. Also, this week we will be making small paper balls to blow, using a straw, around a mini track.
EYFS Link: Runs skilfully and negotiates space successfully.

20th May
Queen's Birthday -  Sunday 8 June
We will be celebrating the Queen’s birthday by making cucumber sandwiches, what shapes will we see?
EYFS Link: Notices simple shapes and patterns.

Whit Holiday club – 27/5/19 – 7/6/19

10th June
Father’s Day – Sunday 16 June
As Father’s Day is approaching, we are inviting you to a game of football. We know that we can’t go the full 90 minutes, but why not come down for the afternoon to have a kick around with the children. **** Date to be confirmed. Children versus adults???? Who would win?

This week we will be practicing our football skills outside, in the creative corner we will be looking at how colours mix by using a salad spinner.
EYFS Link: Explores colour and how colours can be changed.

17th June
Anyone for tennis????
To celebrate Wimbledon, we will be dusting off the tennis rackets.
We will be playing tennis while some of our friends are the umpires, can we share our resources and take turns to play?
We will also be rolling golf balls in paint. What pattern will they make? Do the balls change colour?
EYFS Link: Begins to accept the needs of others, take turns and share resources.

24th June
Summer fruits – delicious!!!
We will be making our own fruit juice. We will squash, squeeze and mash our fruit to see how the texture and colour changes. What happens when we mix it with water or milk? What will it taste like?
EYFS Link: Beginning to be interested and describe textures.

1st July
We are celebrating Tour De France with our own little bike race. The balance bikes will be the main attraction all week, we will be also be using the bee bops to go around the track using left and right, forward and back.
This week will be painting pictures of buzzy bees. What colours do we need? What sound to bees make? Where are we likely to see a bee? EYFS Link: Operates mechanical toys.

8th July
To celebrate the Grand Prix, we will be making our own little mini track, the children will be using the remote-controlled cars to navigate around the track. I wonder which colour car will be the winner, how fast will they go? Can we estimate how much time it takes to go around the track? We will be using our stopwatch and timers to help us.
EYFS Link: Measures short periods of time in simple ways.

15th July
This week we will be dressing up and dressing down.
We will have some school uniform ready for our children to practise getting different clothes on and off, ready for starting School in September.
For our younger children, can we put on our own shoes or jumper?
EYFS Link: Helps with clothing / Dresses with help

We will also be taking part in Lower Park’s sport day. We will make up a team of our children starting school.

22nd July
Hollies Sports Day
The children will be taking part in our very own sports day. We would love our parents to come and watch. Bring your running shoes, maybe we could have a parents race !!!
It’s a very exciting day, the Hollies Teachers take part too!!
****Dates to be confirmed. ****
During this week we will also enjoy lots of bubbles and water play outside.
EYFS Link: Observes the effects of activity on their bodies.

Summer Holiday club

Please remember to label your child’s clothing – Hollies tops, coats etc. and any toys they bring from home. If you wish to purchase name labels, please speak to Rachel who will be happy to supply you with an order form. Please bring your child’s waterproof coat into pre-school, whatever the weather, as it is so unpredictable.

Please note, if you would like to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have, you are very welcome to discuss these with your child’s Key Person. Alternatively, please speak to a supervisor who will arrange a suitable place and time for you to discuss any issues with your child’s Key Person.

Please remember to close the gate when entering and leaving the premises. We look forward to an exciting Summer term.

At the end of this term we will also be saying goodbye to our School Starters.

It has been a pleasure to have your children here at The Hollies. We have watched them learn and grow into amazing confident children.

We hope they have enjoyed their time with us too and hope they have a wonderful experience at Primary School.

Don’t forget to come and say hello to us when you can – we will be waiting at the Hollies fence!!!!  


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